Ding Liren becoming the fide world champion

Ding Liren becoming the fide world champion

A brief introduction about super grandmaster Ding Liren

Ding Liren has become a regular fixture at the top of the world rankings in chess, reaching a career-high rating of 2816 in August 2018, making him the fourth-highest rated player in history at the time.

He has also been a contender in numerous elite tournaments, finishing second at the 2021 Candidates Tournament, which earned him the right to challenge Ian Nepomniachtchi for the World Chess Championship.

Ding Liren’s style of play is characterized by his positional understanding and his ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems on the board. He is particularly adept at playing the endgame, and his resourcefulness in these positions has helped him win many games that other players would have drawn.

Despite his success, Ding Liren remains humble and down-to-earth. He has spoken about the importance of remaining grounded and not getting carried away by success, and he is known for his sportsmanship and respect for his opponents.

In recent years, Ding Liren has worked to promote chess in China. He has worked with the Chinese Chess Association to promote the game among young people and has organized numerous events and exhibitions to showcase the game’s beauty and complexity.

How did Ding Liren become the new world chess champion?

After Carlsen giving up his world champion title by refusing to participate in the Fide world championship even, the fide decided that the winner of the candidate tournament GM Ian Nepomniachtchi will face the player who got the second place in the Candidate tournament.

Ding barely got the second place by defeating Super Grandmaster Hikaru nakamura in the last round of the candidates earning himself the 2nd place and the right to participate in the match for the world champion title against Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Ding’s victory came in a tense and gripping rapid-play finale against Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia, and only after three weeks of slower-paced games that had failed to produce a winner. The result made Ding the first man from China, a rising power in chess, to hold the world championship. And it simultaneously prevented Russia, which has dominated the game for a century, from reclaiming it.

Ding’s match against Nepomniachtchi, layered with those geopolitical stakes, was decided in a series of four tiebreaker games made necessary after the regulation portion of the match, 14 insane classical games, ended in a tie. Each player won three games in the regulation portion; the other eight ended in draws.


On Sunday, the tiebreakers were played as faster games, with each player having 25 minutes at the start and 10 seconds added every move. The first three games resulted in a draw, but each one was highly intense and competitive.

In the fourth game, Nepomniachtchi tried a new approach on move 13 but Ding quickly took advantage of its weaknesses and gained the upper hand. The game appeared to be heading towards a draw when Nepomniachtchi attempted to complicate it to force Ding to make a mistake. However, it backfired as Nepomniachtchi made critical errors, allowing Ding to take control and win the match.

Ding’s victory earned him 1.1 million euros, while Nepomniachtchi received 900,000 euros as the runner-up. Chinese social media was abuzz with the news of Ding’s championship win, with many expressing pride and relief for his achievement. Despite admitting to not knowing how to play chess, Chinese users celebrated the momentous occasion, with one commenter stating that Ding Liren is a source of pride for the nation.


Ding Liren won the world championship in a tense and dramatic finale against Russia’s Ian Nepomniachtchi. The match went into a series of tiebreaker games after the regulation portion ended in a tie. Each player won three games, and the tiebreakers were faster games with 25 minutes at the start and 10 seconds added every move.

The final game was highly tense and hard-fought, with Ding capitalizing on Nepomniachtchi’s critical errors to take control and win the championship. Ding’s victory made him the first man from China to hold the world championship and prevented Russia from reclaiming it. He received 1.1 million euros, while Nepomniachtchi won 900,000 euros. Chinese social media celebrated Ding’s victory, with many expressing pride and relief for his accomplishment.